French Noodles

I simp for Node.


Hello there my dear humans!
I am a French Noodles, I'm a dude that enjoys coding a lot and didn't start a long time ago but am still learning new languages and gaining new skills, I am working on projects like discord bots and helpful APIs, I'm currently exploring the field of devops and networking, especially virtualization and containerization.
I mostly like working with Python and JavaScript (Node) as my main languages, of course excluding HTML and CSS and those kinda stuff
I have experience with many technologies such as MongoDB, Nginx, Docker, Node, Flask and so on...

Contact me:


Noodles bot, is a discord bot made by me that can do everything you could imagine, click its name to read the docs.

Noodles API, is a powerful API built with Python, it can do anything from making memes with the info you send it to some discord stuff like welcome banners for discord bots

Noodles-API wrapper, A simple API wrapper for Noodles API, made to make your life easier when codign using noodles API, you wont have to do complext API requests, simple call a function and thats it!

Noodles-API Client, An app that im developing for using noodles API with a GUI (android only).

Candy Lounge website, (HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN) is a small website I made for one of my Discord friends, its not very special a s in the code but worth mentioning

Password generator, is a simple password generator made in python and tkinter when i was bored, not a project but it is open source if anyone wanna help clean the code xD

Whiteboard, is (Alpha version and doesnt support phones yet) an online whiteboard project (Alpha live version) that is designed to later on maybe used along side zoom and teams in some online schools, the plan is to make a whiteboard with all the needs like text and drawing etc... that also has a room system where students and teachers can connect together and even download the whiteboard as an image after the lesson is done for example

SteamQuest Dashboard, One of my IRL friends was making a board game (well too late now he stopped workingon it) and I thought of making him a dashboard as a gift for free, Just wanted to mention it as one of my projects but its private for now

Vadar MusicI made one of my discord friends a website with a dynamic page for all the songs he makes with a portfolio, I am hosting it with some other projects so it might go down for the last few days of the month

Contributing to me:

I work hard on my projects to create awesome free services for anyone to use, you can contribute back to me with a small donation to my paypal which will help me pay for my domain and if i get like $7 i will get a VPS which will make the API and bot better and help me improve the backend infrastructure cuz heroku is bad but im stuck on it cuz its free, and for donations $5+ you can even get a custom role in my server with a custom color for donating

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